just at dawn
saw a silhouette
soaked wet
stretched out on the lawn
no movement

so I stepped close
just to check
for a breath or a pulse
as you might guess
or suspect

no signs of life
but some signs were left
by the suspect
now I'm nervous
and trickling sweat
cause the sun will shine
and light reflect

on me as the number 1 suspect
and now I regret
ever touching her neck
but she might have alive
and I had to check

but its heavy on my mind
it wasn't the first time
wheel up, come back, rewind
spin the clock to an earlier time
we grind our hips to the bass-line
and I touched her neck for the first time

It was round midnight
3rd July
she said independence
was making her high
I'm not a patriot
so I didn't know why
but she was so emotional
with tears in her eyes

time to make a move I realize
so I grabbed her hips real close to mine
come girl ease your mind
every trouble in your world
right now is mine

she like "lets dance now
talk another time"
of course baby fine
nothing to it
let your body go
let the beat do it

and the beat did it
and we did it
we learned names while we were intimate
we did it
the way the beat did it
said whats your name
while I was deep in it

July 4th
mid day of course
we just wake
feeling kinda sore
her back is turned
"do you want some more"

before I could answer
I see a little scar
on the back of her neck
it wasn't far
so I stroked it
screamed, what you touch me for
she objected

I'm like, after last night?
is your mind right
she say matter fact not
we can talk right ?
I think we should
she said good
not all ill shit come from the hood

I'm from a place far from here
a bunch young girls leave every year
she cries another tear
as she spoke to me
about the old and the brand new slavery
rich men ain't raping me
I'm theirs they paid for me

so I escape to the land of the free
but there's a microchip in the scar you see
and soon they collect their property
even in the US they come for me
I can feel their poisons taming me
the buzz from the chip now laming me

I'm like wait stop
I know a good Doc
I'll call him up
he'll help us out
she gave consent
but on her face is doubt

in the car she sleeps I drive
wakes up just as we arrive
4 hour trip, so its almost 5
nice home in the countryside
Doc is home with guests inside

at the door I'm anxious, pacing
hoping Doc can help my patient
he'll understand the situation
and do all he can without hesitation

hi Maddox, whatsup Doc
shook his hand and proceed to talk
ran it down word for word
he smiles, eased my nerves
come in Nap and bring the girl
back to the car, got the girl
and stepped in to another world
thru the door me and the girl
from the fringe to the midst of another world

they had cocktails and great food
we all drank good and ate good
laugh loud and felt good
miles away from the stress of the hood

on a couch now with a fire place
I glanced at my guest
what a look on her face
did I forget why we came to this place

I raise up, to search the Doc
I see its midnight as I pass a clock
shadows in the kitchen I can hear them talk
about "implants & time frames"
"and how many heart beats might remain"

then I felt a sharp blow, deep pain
penetrating my skull, reaching my brain
and then I fell hard, like thick rain
conscienceness I would not regain

I wouldn't regain

not regain


just at dawn
I saw a silhouette
soaked wet
stretched out in the lawn
no movement


Unknown said…
Nice nice!! I really like it! Hope to hear it soon!!
Merci pour ce beau moment de poésie :)

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