Kasmir with lyrics by Napoleon Maddox

Kasmir (lyrics by Napoleon Maddox)

I put your brain on the life dope
I speak the phrase that you might quote
The green in the leaves meets the fly-est of clothes
And nature exhibits the real without striking a pose
No wonder the thunder drowns out your car system
and lighting flash to accent the rhythm when you listen
Now make it a mission on your next walk
Listen to the air, what do you hear when the wind talk
I got dust on the inside of my eyelids
and mud in my tears what give
Nature do what nature do
Get in the way homeboy, it'll do you too
and the masters of the universe
see the blessing in the ill curse

I fathom not what it is cause it still grows
Crew call ISWHAT?! cause no man knows
About crack the sidewalk like a bean sprout
Get mean about understanding
Like the green we demanding and we'll see what its about
I fathom not what it is cause it still breathes
And every time I take a breath I learn what I believe
To test it like a chemist with the raw chemical
Till I stop what I'm believing cause now I know
But I aint there yet,
keep on moving man trading juice for sweat
and not forget I live cause I was once dead
Let my flesh keep dying born of Spirit instead


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