Selective Concern With a Common Occurrence

You have the right to remain censored.
Especially in immortal silence,
Silenced by law…
You have the privilege of our gag order,
From Pretoria
To that passage way in Florida
To that street in Missouri
To places far away;
Not geographically, but far away in our memory,
So far we cannot recall to re Google.
Where did that happen, and did it really?
You have the Right to remain censored.
Anything the public can be made to imagine will be used against you.
You have the Right. Lay there.
Any things they want to recall you as,
Will be held against that cold steel in the morgue,
As a replacement for the questions that should be asked.
You have the Right.
Anything you did not have the opportunity to say,
As you chose instead to question the assault on your value;
Will be held against you,
Revised in the court of opinion Opinion,
Massive opinion.
They are formed, and what about?
And you, the other you,
Sitting in illusive safety,
Have you proven the part you have the Right
To exercise the part
Of your heart
That forms …
Pardon me, brain that forms
No… Excuse me,
The part of your folly that forms opinion?
“Sluggish There” as in “Whoa There” as in “Easy There”
Whoaaaaa boy !!!
You are bridled,
Had you heard the JFK speech of premature patriotism
And stopped at the words “ASK NOT”?
Thus you hold fast the spot
Assigned on your tush, firmly planted,
Exercising the superb expression of opinion on who shall be your idol:
-The cute one?
-The one with family problems, making him the star to love?
And will your heart cause to throb until hemorrhaging.
And if he looses after all this voice work and invisible production,
Brought to you by these sponsors,
You will feel the way Ntsiki felt
When the word came through that,
indeed one can “Write What One Likes”
One can “Speak as One Likes” ,…
Daring to say ‘Black is Beautiful’
Where the State has presented strong evidence suggesting other theories.
One can make the hard truth trend.
Without a #hashtag,
And socialize so well within a network,
That the chat and messages make our Internet appear shaky, archaic.
You can do all this.
But bring correct change in exact amount.
Prepare to pay all in moments notice. Your life.
You were told to shut up,
And so… like that singer who decided
To take a chance and sing a “risky” song…
And you voted for him,
But not enough people obeyed Seacrest and Canon.
He had more nerve than votes to keep him “safe”
“GROUP ONE step forward, you are not safe”
for the sake of referencing,
Biko was the Clay Aiken to Mandela’s Ruben Studdard.
And all four are of no recall.
But especially Biko.
In fact He is nothing like that.
Yet it’s all some will get.
Stephen Bantu who?
And doesn’t everyone write what they like?
Sure they do …
As same as always,
All will be given a fair shake:
They will be spoken of fairly,
With facts
Never slander
And only that which has been verified,
Tested, tried, true and clarified.

You know:
Freedom, yes
And Justice, yes
For all.
Just Like …


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