Nasty by ISWHAT?!

NASTY (lyrics by Napoleon Maddox)

its nasty but we seem to like it
when its gone away back we invite it
cause we feel so alive and excited
you do it all again if we can survive it

(verse 1)
good night sleep tight
don't let your friends bite
cause they grin
every time seems you might win
and the beg bugs aint got shit on them
nor the snake you might sight when the grass is thin
can't understand why it aint them
but won't do the work that it takes to win
so they creep on ya sneak on you
wait for the sleep gonna
take what you made
make your mama a mourner
so I stay from off the corner
and away from the slaughter
where the crocodile lay
I stay up outta the water
them Piranha them sharping them teeth for ya
enjoying them dream o them eating you
vampire sharing a seat with you
on a caravan smiling a greeting you
all the time planning on leaking you
so I eat a lot a garlic and speak the truth
and understand them friends that I seem to choose
ya gotta understand the friends that you seem to choose


you mean to tell me that's all you earned
its money out here on the street, like its grass to burn
get back out there and soon return
with a stack o that cash cause its ya turn
you know we been watchin'
who and who not been clockin'
yep thats it so you got no option
give every drop you got until you droppin'
dr dr dr drop dr dr dr droppin'
and we keep coming back for that
like hungry rats
that don't see traps or hungry cats
whats done is done and that is that
we become monuments of our habitat
cause something said we just gotta go back
but it aint gotta go like that
we could find a new route and blaze the track



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