Bogata to Saratoga
Pensacola to Verona, Its all soul bro
One thread connecting the heads its never over

Tanzania to Medina
Tela Viv to Geza, even the non-believers
One breath breathed in all and never leaving

2 X

verse 1 :

i reached for the ribbon
got cut by the rhythm
leaked liquid and gave thanksgiving
I was thirsty in the minute
so I started sipping
protein back in circulation
my pops had good blood and I can taste it
feel like Georgia dirt on my tongue
and all the dirt on the earth the same one
mineral multiplicit
I’m here to exhibit
abandon my body space ship
and not forget it
that’s a smooth trick innit
I’m ignorant but not ignint
cause what I don’t know I’m gonna fix it
connecting the dots and fixing splits
all is one and I’m the gap filler that grips
I’m feeling the bridge the realer it gets
the realer it gets


send gauze to triage
we got wounded
& some that’s blasted by led
need to be tube feed
nurse hand me the ribbon
I need to connect this boy's tissue
if he gonna keep living
but he gave up the ghost
and I joined him in giving
we got, from the same spot
no pretending
but I hate getting
these crash courses in ending
and there’s more
stretchers rolling through the door
I wanna help them keep their guts in
please more ribbon
but who am I kidding
we all running to the finish line racing time is winning
so to every life I’m only adding minutes to soul decay
who’s it benefiting

more ribbon
more ribbon



Sejal Khatri said…
Great rread thankyou

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