Do we want to be right? OR do we want to support creativity?

... I am not completely convinced that what is being made is music anymore ... but at the point that the marketing being done shifts to community and becomes a creative outlet, the same individuals making sounds that we call THE problem can find solutions with each other in the context of making what they consider to be music, .... even if the rest of us have turned a deaf ear to them ... this is precisely what happened with Hip-hop from the beginning. What's missing now is community 

 ... now cats need less and less to work with other cats ... just grab a beat off the internet and go ... less need to learn how to talk to and connect with different kinds people (so they think at least)  cause they think it's all about their litlle clique ... 1/2 of which know nothing ... MUSIC however, has always been about relationships and even when it sounds vile and disgusting (to me, you or anyone else), if cats get together and actually do something creative .. that's a start .. it may not involve us .. but it's a start


Eileen Owens said…
I understand your point. Often listening to the mainstream that's out here now, I find myself shaking my head and turning up my nose like my parents when they heard the percussions in various genres of music (including gospel) back in the day. One side of me feels obligated to not be so quick to discredit what I don't understand. The other side feels that I have a right to discredit a lot of what I hear because how dare an artist give me ground beef and sell it to me like they are giving me a rib-eye. A lot of artist have become extremely lazy with what they are putting put.

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