Thursday, October 5, 2017
6:00pm 9:00pm
Reverb Art + Design
130 West Court Street, Second Floor Cincinnati, OH,
45202 United States

Our present human experience is such that we are both more connected and more disjointed than at any other point in our collective past. While we have access to more people than ever, the response of many is to retreat inwardly to sacred spaces that offer the sheltered comfort of isolation. In that sense, individualism as an idea has become a sanctuary from an overbearing, socially networked world.

"My Love for Me" is an exhibition of 9 2D & Performance Artists from around the globe whose work teases out the ironic nature of living in this current historical moment.

Featured Artists:

Performance | Napoleon Maddox

Whitney Colley | Michelle D'Cruz
Kelsey Elder | Anton Jeludkov
Jimin Kim | Jessica Lee
Satoru Nihei | Harry Sanchez Jr.


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