All blue, several green

I sat still. There was time.
I could look at the colors.
Blue caught me.
It held my focus.
I loved it again all over again.
We almost talked.
I would have said, “why are you so blue”.
My voice and questions stayed within me.
People walked, stirred and sat at tables.
There were nearly enough umbrellas to make shade for each person seated.
I didn’t want shade. I wanted sun.
In the sun, blue is glowing.
I feel up into the sky.
It was high and deep.
Did you ever see how brilliant blue is?
I let myself see it.
I tried to, but I knew the longer I looked there would be another blue to see.
They all, each attached themselves to one another, chromatic but non-sequential.
Then a leaf was blew. It danced to the wind song.
I saw the green against the blue.
The whole tree called my eyes.
I turned my head and saw the forest line.
Edited by the plans of one more city of Man, the trees still had their power.
They boasted it with more greens than I can name.
I guessed at a few names I might’ve known, but surely I don’t have the wisdom to name those greens.
Further I felt more foolish in having given blue such uninterrupted adoration.
The blue is all married in its graduation.
The greens stand against it in the trees.
They show another kind of green.
Each branch length overlapping on a new hue.
Each hue calling for naming.
At that moment blue seemed singular.
Green seemed multiplicitous.
My eyes and mind did a slow dance.
A rich ballad by Miles Dewey played in my brain’s ear.
The people were there with no status.
It was between me, the blue and the green.


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