Mobilization of Congo Square introduction

*The Mobilization of Congo Square*
Kujichagulia : the introduction

The Mobilization of Congo Square is series
of concerts and events bring the Jazz back to its community.

The series will began on December 27,

Kayla Upthegrove - Tenor Sax
D’Anna Kennedy - Drums

playing 3 improvised concerts in 3 spaces

5:30 pm
Grace Episcopal
5501 Hamilton Ave
College Hill, Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45224

7 pm
Darou Salam African Halal Restaurant
4163 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati Northside
Cincinnati, OH 45223

8:30 pm
NOTE: (space is limited for millergardette event)
780 E McMillan Street
Walnut Hills
Cincinnati, OH 45206

More about Congo Square :

More about Kujichagulia :

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