The Mobilization of Congo Square, early activities

Dec 27, 2018, the second night of Kujichagulia we did a test run of The Mobilization of Congo Square project. It was a success and we learned a lot. RE: set-up time, ways to work with people and establishments, the interests of the community, and ways to communicate the importance of such the actual Congo Square and it's relevance to the project.

Born January 10th, 1924, Max Roach was a drummer and a visionary.

In 1983, a time when mainstream America & most of his peers where ignoring or belittling Hip-hop .. Mr Roach did a jam in NYC with Fab5Freddy, DJ Spy and numerous Breakers.

On Thursday, January 10th, 2019 we celebrated the late great Max Roach with a jam inspired by the one he played with Hip-hop artists in ‘83.