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97th anniversary of a well made blueprint

My father was a funny, serious, passionate, compassionate, humble yet confident man... If you've seen or heard me talking about boiled peanuts, it's because of him ... sugar cane ... cause of him ... my interest in automotive technology, because of him ... AND he had style ... pictured below in the top left corner of this photo April 2nd 2021 Happy 97th Birthday Daddy. You are always and forever, in a category all your own. When people who really knew you, say with a smile, that I look like you, or move, or think like you … I accept the compliment still understanding that I have the honor of being the remix. You are the original. I understand better and better with time, the quality of our relationship. Sometimes I get full of emotion at the thought that you got to see me start to fly in my own way with the wings you taught me how to use, even if you didn’t dig my trajectory at first. There are things the Spirit has to speak, because words fail. All in all I am so et

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