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2023 recap (in progress)

Peace  I wish you all the very best in 2024 ... Since around 2010, at the close of almost every year, I find myself under a cloud of "undone homework" regret... via GIPHY It's self-inflicted, thus a lil silly, but surely serious ... How and why you ask? Well, explain it I shall... I've been accused more than a few times by people I love, they say, "you don't take time to appreciate your life!!" "you don't realize how Blessed you are!!" etc etc etc .. I love them, plus they can be very suggestive, so I listen ... via GIPHY of course the problem is that I'm ungrateful  It's more like I'm always reaching toward the next goal, because I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for the opportunities ... I don't want to waste a second. So time to take a break, and buckle-down to the FUN homework of my review of 2023 .... (when my grades were not steller in elementary school Mother would tell me, "you need to just BUCKLE-DOWN" :P Heee

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