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Selective Concern With a Common Occurrence

Sunday, Dec 7th, All Ages Jazz Brunch / Potluck w/ Andrea Cefalo Qtet

The Beautiful Struggle vol. I, II, III (artist interview podcast series by Michael Sarason)

Brian Greer's Brief Account of Post Racial Activism

Jai All Day interviews director of DORADUS, Fernando J. Scarpa

intro and interview with director Fernando J Scarpa

those Dun-bars "When Malindy Sings"

Elementz 12th Anniversary / Open House

Sunday, October 26 >>> ISWHAT?! presents ...

amazing story on NPR

John Oliver on Prisons in America

Rahsaan Roland Kirk / August 7 (event pictures)

Independence Daze MixCloud (cover art "Land O Fakes" by David Bradly)

what it means to be civilized

on stage, on tour, Sorg & Napoleon Maddox

Tuesday Tunes 5/27/14

MOTR mix

from May to May back at MOTR Pub

Ode to inspiration of Burnt Sugar Arkestra on ISWHAT?!


studying paper writing