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Mobilization of Congo Square continues (reviews)

Napoleon Maddox performances called the mobilization of Congo Square are not only beautiful, but full of meaning. I have witnessed how people, how the audience, not only learns about black history, but realizes the implication of this history in their present. I believe in art as a form of sharing knowledge. The Mobilization of Congo square is sharing knowledge and creating bridges between the past and the present, and among human beings of all walks of life. Napoleon is one of the most important and profound performers of the city and the region. I do not hesitate to say that his art, and the Congo Square project in particular, have changed and will continue changing lives. ~ Manuel Iris, PhD./ Cincinnati Poet Laureate.

The Mobilization of Congo Square performance was an authentic and exciting opportunity for my students to experience jazz. To be able to have this experience in our classroom created a safe space for the children which allowed them to be comfortable to feel the musi…

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