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Sunday, June 21, 2015

writings for Jour d Fete creation w/ Magic Malik


- I -
Revelation of life,
Awakening the day after,
We thought the last night had been; slept
Lived, breath’d …
To know all was destroyed
And in the end we’re still left
Not all was destroyed,
We could rebuild on what’s left.
Nothing is gone in the end,
As we able are left,
Suspended in awe
A gaze in our step
The next before we
Any at all we be into the fest

- II -
Moments thrill
In the stillness
An explosion in solitude
A static tremble
Vibration of locked atoms
We sit there,
Just like “NO WAY”
“It’s …”
Beyond incredible
Shocked in to no motion
Noise disabled
Awarely united
Sincere dedication
To elated ceremony
Anti-sonic fixation
Not withstanding.



Leaked out my insides,
Delivered each pint.
Not a drop left
Moistened the stones.
Drizzled the sand.
Paint red the gray places,
Left evidence of my all,
Left all my all.
No, nothing of me remains.
I’m but a shadow,
Only remaining to celebrate
The burnt offering I was.
It’s nothing but a party,
All for the parting,
Of the complete imparting,
Divining the otherwise mundane.
This gift to the soiree made it profane
None can reverse it.
Blessed none can curse it.
And this party called life
Is made real with my death,
And if the same;
Always true,
They too,
We too,
All celebrate you.



Commemoration of
The insistence
That this must be acknowledged.
Ignite the atmosphere,
Stain the clean
Crack a smile
Keep the deep promise
Do the festive deed of eternal commitment,
Keep it between us,
But make it loud,
Open it,
to the liquid.
Find the pulse,
Expand it,
Was dry,
Crying following.
The ache is dancing,
Each bounce will shout,
“Hallelujah !!!”
It was dry.
Now it’s wet.
Unmarked we engraved it,
At this party, set it loose
And at once enslaved it,
Captured a thing
Delight in the sting of it
In the swing of it
In the spring of it
O’ the lingering until
When synchronized.

Monday, June 8, 2015

who owns jazz, a poem by Napoleon Maddox

Whas going on upstairs ?
Wh'claims to own Jazz ?
Nullifies experience;
Sex barricades
Bastion, fortify class ?
This what it's come to ?
All the pontification
Was it all jaw jacking
Intellectual masturbation

Rants on tradition
You the new brown whip cracker man for massa on the sound plantation ?
If the learning ain't through your system,
Then we're shut out.
If books are all they get,
You must think nothing is left out.

And what's to be learned,
When to get a fair turn;
You show the boys "just relax",
Chicks, got no chance to earn.

Just play as well as the GUY
next to you
This bases
the future
of the music
on finance and testicles

Does that rest well with you?
You at peace with that?
Did they meet with you?
Are they impressed with that?

P'Haps you love the terms
To do the same work in art
as they do in the streets
Around the globe south, north, west & east
To control the masses
While the fortunate feast

That's the jazz you own
You can have it
You're cut from the fabric
Same as those house slaves
made it a habit
Serving well the master
While field hands facing disaster
We've had it

Thursday, April 30, 2015

recent musical adventures ....


"Complicated Day" by Roy Nathanson's Sotto Voce at NDR Jazz

Posted by Roy Nathanson's Sotto Voce on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ISWHAT?! ...

ISWHAT?! playing "DIG" for the children of Mulberry Elementary

Posted by ISWHAT?! on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nina's "Sinnerman" at a gallery show in Cincy

Sinnerman ~ by Tatsuya Nakata , Brent Olds , Michael McIntire & Napoleon Maddox

Posted by Napoleon Maddox aka NapoleonSolo on Tuesday, April 21, 2015