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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Do we want to be right? OR do we want to support creativity?

... I am not completely convinced that what is being made is music anymore ... but at the point that the marketing being done shifts to community and becomes a creative outlet, the same individuals making sounds that we call THE problem can find solutions with each other in the context of making what they consider to be music, .... even if the rest of us have turned a deaf ear to them ... this is precisely what happened with Hip-hop from the beginning. What's missing now is community 

 ... now cats need less and less to work with other cats ... just grab a beat off the internet and go ... less need to learn how to talk to and connect with different kinds people (so they think at least)  cause they think it's all about their litlle clique ... 1/2 of which know nothing ... MUSIC however, has always been about relationships and even when it sounds vile and disgusting (to me, you or anyone else), if cats get together and actually do something creative .. that's a start .. it may not involve us .. but it's a start

Thursday, March 17, 2016

SECURITY discussion results

On March 2nd a discussion was launched on Twitter & Facebook about the themes of
Sorg & Napoleon Maddox
songs entitled "SECURITY"

Most of the dialogue transpired in a Facebook Group / event page.
These are some highlights of the conversation:

Question to Boogie Bang: (of Red Eye Blue): you had 2 completely different extra ILL verses on the ISWHAT?! and Sorg & Napoleon Maddox versions of ‪#‎SECURITY‬ ... is there a link between the 2 verses? Did you have specific points you wanted to make with each verse?

His Response: the first joint was a character reference of sorts i kind of came at it from the eyes of a young cat who really has no idea of the importance that his gun rights should hold in his life and the wildness that stems from having access to a power but not really understanding or respecting the full nature of that power, because gun rights of all the rights afforded us as americans is the most important in my view because if any of your other rights are trampled you have the power to take on any institution that would challenge those rights which is the reason that across the country you see a concerted effort to diminish the rights of average citizens to own keep or stockpile fire arms, and the african american man is targeted even more so because of our tortured history here. the second joint was from a more broad view like where the misuse winds up cause lets face it with any power great or small there is the room for abuse or misuse but in that verse everyone is a victim the killer the preacher the store owner the community and even the drug dealers, but what we have to ask is what are they victims of gun violence or socio economic neglect? when we research cancer we find that though cancer is the killer you have to find out the cause of the cancer and by doing this we nullify the affects of the sickness by eliminating the cause.

Question to Marc Nammour (of La Canaille): a few people have shared diff positions on a the current state of French Rap in your society where there are not gun lobbyist, and much less of a problem of gun violence YET still there are artists in your country with these images ... it's easy to say they are copying US rappers w/ guns in videos etc ... but what could be the other factors?

His Response:
I'll say that it's more the image of the gangster who fascinate those MCs. And that is worldwide unfortunately... The man behind the gun is respected. Because of the fear that it provides. Because of the romantic shit of the boss of a street life. But I'm glad to observe that in France people are still mostly against weapon. Glad to hear plenty of French MC's writing good poetry. That's the only real weapon against stupidity, brutality, and violence. Culture, education, curiosity. The 3 main points for poor people to emancipate them selves from exploitation.

Question to Eileen:You've lived in a few different US metropolitan areas Eileen Owens ... How have you percieved (OR HAVE YOU PERCEIVED)... the relationship between trends in Black music and violence?

Her Response:t is my perception that it is relative. On one hand violence is perpetuated due to youngins living vicariously through a video rather it is the music or game and the other hand I question what came first situational violence which leads to the music or the music that leads to the violence ... I must add that having an up close personal view of an area where violence was the norm, I'm can't say that 'black music' played a significant role in the violence as maybe some of the more obvious factors such as poverty, lack of knowledge of life beyond what is in front of them... I can't think of a specific artist that may have an impact. I have very close friends that love gangsta rap they are professionals I don't know them to be at all violent. I really believe that the other factors along with some of today's music perpetuates violence.

Lauren posted:
I was thinking about related things today, actually. About 1) how hard it would be to value and subsequently/consequently take care of people, places and things if one's life often lacked stable people, places and things.... And 2) where the line should be drawn in expecting an individual to develop said value and care, without a background modeling it.

to which Carol replied:
I've been keeping watch on the discussion wish I could have more engagement, small step here -- Lauren, I love the questions you pose - I think about this a lot, for me - any real resolve of violence would also mean a context in which the desire and actions to care for one another exist, and always it is an option - a resource available to all of us. To your question --- 1) how hard it would be to value and subsequently/consequently take care of people, places and things if one's life often lacked stable people, places and things...' I think has to be further nuanced in the ways that we are or are not tied to the fates of others, which points to the a great value within spaces where there is also great violence (usually associated with some or several aspects of poverty, marginalizing outcomes, discrimination... ) often there is a value to express some taking care of people, but its dynamic and other forces are also at play - I guess what I am saying, I think we need to nuance our ideas of difficult circumstances and we may discover care is not lacking but it is difficult to be extended where needs are so great and then we can better connect with those needs.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Twitter discussion on the global view of the 2nd Amendment, Black America, Hip-hop & Public Psychology ...

Co-Hosted by Radio Krimi, Sorg & Napoleon Maddox and associated artists...
March 2nd, will begin a discussion on the global view
of the 2nd Amendment, Black America, Hip-hop & Public Psychology.
Twitter will be the primary platform for this discussion using the hashtag #Security


The point of departure for this discussion will be the following:
"Security" by Sorg & Napoleon Maddox (feat. Boogie Bang)

"Security" by ISWHAT?! (feat. Boogie Bang, Streetz & Huntor Prey)
"Gun Show" by Space Invadaz (scroll down, lyrics in video)

"SECURITY" lyrics:

Malcolm by the window with at a AK
Kris by the shade with a UZI
you promise me it a save me
I'm a load my security one day

gun magazine
one magazine
trick the public
with a vaccine
don't fix much
way too sick
make a trigger finger more active
so insecure my 44
blast holes in my future
when they come thru the door
no love
the way I lost my love
now they picking up the shells
forensic gloves
matter not the rounds
they found
can't put em back
where they came from now
like a rock thrown but worse
can't un speak thoughts for peace or curse
can't take a baby out the hearse
call the coroner skip the nurse
before play drums rehearse

Malcolm by the window with at a AK
Kris by the shade with a UZI
you promise me it a save me
I’m a load my security one day

(Napoleon 2nd verse)
Picture Tray on his way with a 9 double
On a hope and prayer he don’t find trouble
Holding weight more than skittles
That will change the outcome more than a little
Riddle me this, gun in his fist
Could he blast his way close to justice
Trust that would’ve self defense,
Relieve dim Zimmerman of his nonsense
What they want from us?
For the last of the peaceful cats to get gate and bust
If that’s what is must be ok
But I’m trying hard not to spray
I’d rather spread love than slugs
Seem like the same thing come to thing of
If that’s what it must be load up
Ash to ash and dust to dust

(Boogie Bang verse) {Sorg & Napoleon Maddox verse}
So who run the town big guns at sundown
peep the rundown, it's the criminal guns now
that they blame for the flames thats bursting
on the street feel the heat man we out here thirsting
ain't enough for everybody to get some
gun tuck and now them bad man them get one
now he, now he lurk by the church
when the preacher come out he give the preacher the work gun burst,
now he at the store with the liquor
the Arab pull it but the black boy quicker
bong bong, two shots to the melon
everybody seen it but ain't nobody telling
so he still here killing the hood up
robbing dope boys got em giving the goods up
they say that misery is born out of misery
so why shouldn't everybody have their security

(Huntor Prey verse)
It's more important than peace
if need be I'll make my piece
Outta plastic
3D print my life
I can see clear through the tragedy
Gun legislates the fear of damages
But we big fans of the mannishness
Hear the news my peer group moves drastic
So what I got in my holster is magic
9 sleep spells
Packed in a pill with a heat trail
only time tells when the tale ends well
Ask Disney
You can bite mine quicker than an apple
You can find mine when the sights grab you
No standing ovations when the people clappin
We scared the government silence the people. riots
people silence the youth. riots
the youth silence each other. riots
What a riot. We silence the truth.