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This Millie-Christine Twice The First Time Art - Work in Progress started as an exercise; Posing a silhouette of Millie-Christine in different settings across this terrain I'm discovering, as I find a new life and re-discover my selves (click images to enlarge) I thought about the many places that had visited and performed around the world 120 years ago!!! Often in Europe ... My sentiment was also that, by putting this representation of the conjoined McKoy twins in theses various context I could imagine new ways to write about them, but also add visual representations of songs that are already included in the show, Millie-Christine - Twice the First Time : After several weeks, new ideas developed where-in butterflies designs are used as a metaphoric illustration of the Millie-Christine's symmetry, balance and unique duality. Something bigger, more intricate and sophisticated is developing. I don't know exactly what it will looking like when…

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