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a birthday playlist for BIKO ... December 18, 1946

celebrating Stephen Bantu Biko, December 18

this woman ......

new heat and words from the brother BOOGIE BANG of Red Eye Blue (ISWHAT?! fam)

process : AUGUST 13 update, (scroll down for latest development)

Merry Christmas ???

Tatsuya Nakatani in Cincinnati, December 21


my approach to writing with connected themes ...

Since I Saw You Last (tour dairy) #1

In the Studio, Volume 1: Roy Nathanson’s Sotto Voce

voting, political bullshit & lame ass excuses

PRJR "My Love 4 Hip-Hop"

"Have Mercy" by Self Scientific

Old Brooklyn trollies

funny thing about Faith

new ISWHAT?! video .. "Hands Up Quick" feat Boogie Bang .. shot & edited by OCD

really looking forward to hitting the road with these guys ... Roy Nathanson's Sotto Voce

enjoying the ReverbNation experience ... stop by and see what we've posted there ....

ISWHAT?! - "Things That Go Bump in the Dark"

for Boston and the Globe

Kasmir with lyrics by Napoleon Maddox

Conversations on Creativity 1.0 | Cape Town

WILD WEST paroles en Français

LaCanaille feat. Napoleon Maddox

Zwarte Piet

network ... from the 513 to ????

Things That Go Bump in the Dark

Wild West by SORG featuring Napoleon Maddox