Things That Go Bump in the Dark

as I tried to survive I ran from the earth
considering of all of the predators, mankind is the worst


If the foul could spit
The wildest shit
And some how forget
Their torch is lit
That must mean the righteous
Must get
More morbid
To comprehend the flow
Earn dough
and just
keep try to up wit it
So we craft the sound track
Like a silent pic
Cause people see it going down but  won't say shit
soon chicks come to roost and they pitching a fit

Clowns in the shadow
And this ain't no comic
got weak morale
And appetites bionic

like the world so ironic
you gotta puff the chronic
just to avoid
a screen play of a dream psychotic
i spy sick
all type tricks
with my night glasses
and life long classes
a taking names an
kickin vampire asses

but what you got ask is
as each one passes
how you know when the last day is
how late can you before you absent


the ransom was too high to justify
so they said ... just let the poor boy die
fighting for the things they we all admire
but never really knew how it transpire
duck low from the gun fire
but who he working for the seller the or the buyer
against the terrorist or the terror maker
building bombs dealing earthquakers
you want beef boy
question yo chief boy
yo adrenaline make a real good decoy
too young to want peace or the truth of
they wanting you to kill and you just love it
til it gets too critical way pass fixable
whats first your mind or limbs to blow
there another one go, a boy in the park
playing shoot'em up killin kids in the dark
cause its macho to be
what we see on TV
merking enemies just to keep us free
but for real though
who got the courage to be

now you run out
with your gun out
smokes in the air
jokes on you
from the comical billionaires
that feast on fears
like a million bears
that haven't eaten in a million years
so you do what they saying
cause its your duty
ignore the voice in your soul
cause its screaming truly
the secret to this is not to think
propaganda plan for you not to think
its the the oil that you burn
& the juice you drink
blowing bodies up till they rot & stink
you got a link (click) its so disturbing
Its really greedy companies you serving
pull back the curtain show the puppet master
so we can know the true disaster

_____Hands Up Quick______

(intro JACK WALKER : )
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the tyranny of
the wicked and the inequities of evil men

you got some
then you took more
but we aint got none
so we taking yours

(repeat 4 times)

(verse 1 NAPOLEON)

The very second we hit the door
taking papes for the sake of the poor
don't you talk back even
some no shoes while you keep thieving
thats why we not leaving
til the bad get good and the good get even
do the knowledge and learn the math
subtract the selfishness from the righteous path
cause we do strike down on the clowns with wrath
its poison out here in the darkness
take a wolf shepherd just to spark this
and we target the lame artists
that pump trash to flood the market
before I leave here you be a believer
I'm grim reaper or my brothers keeper
you choose I'll serve you either


(verse 2 BOOGIE BANG)

stand up, put ya hands up bruh,
find somthin you can stand up fahh,
anything but the bull you been livin off,
and all the devilish vibes you been givin off,
hate lurks like cats in the deep woods,
no light so its hard here to peep good,
even when the good got god on deck,
the sick side still wanna disrespect,
we come through with the sword excaliber,
and go to war any day on the calender,
til the good get better and the better get fine,
me and nap gon push these rhymes,
nobody move nobody get touched up,
my uzi weigh a ton homie  get the hands up,
before i hit you with a hot one,
another slug from the iswhat?! bopgun.


(verse 3 NAPOLEON)

slappin faces fast for takin
more than your portion orphans makin
Im on quest like I told you choosing
Excel design and I'm not for loosing
you can move or jus watch me prove it
& lay flat on the pavement
saying dude is ruthless
for you to choose this is foolish
stop you got options
fool sick use it
Even if it don't seem lucrative
You rather loose big or show love & give
Either way the hungry gone eat
my brother you pick
So go head, throw yo hands up quick



(Napoleon's text)
what does ya LOVE enough
to wade thru marsh and mush?
on the darkest night
without a spark lost at dusk
nothing left for your soul to trust
people praise CHRIST cause they say he bled for us
they say the follow him but won't bleed for much
I used to be touched
then I seen us for us
souls is cold and bones is dust
what the fuck!!
I'm giving up
Then I'd be worse than the ones whose heart is froze
breathing defeat cold as fuck
achieveing what ?
not much.

(Boogie Bang's text)
gather ye souls upon hallowed shores,
ground found devoid of love,
love lost,
kept in plato s said darkness,
a slave child free from lights liberating hand,
shackled held in ignorant splendor,
rant that rant,baby cry that cry,
die that die,
sweet words of redemption fall upon deafened ears,
who hears what still lips express?
my expression is what faith finds dead by the way side,
hope say from this mountain of despair,
given from a dead mans time,
into the realm of us living folk,
failure is the yolk,
that straddles the backs of us denizens of inequities house,
this house pitched,
the flame of nats torch touching the curtains of massaʼs parlor room,
doom say doom,
say doom say what,
say son,
say word,
i don't stop till,
heaven drops side by its side with hell,
its hell up in here,
who ran?
then fell up in here,
trapped in the marshes of melancholy madness,
love through adverse,
this city,
of hurt,
this, this, this .....
this aint livin!

(Fernanda's text) {Portugese}
Eu te amo
Eu nāo te vejo
Eu to te procurando
É Lusco-fusco

Eu te amo
Eu nāo te vejo
Eu to te procurando
É Lusco-fusco

____The Good Fight____

Did I believe enough
Bob and weave enough
Train enough
when the terrain was tough

Did I believe enough
Bob and weave enough
Train enough
when the terrain was tough

you a fighter man
get yo hands up
get hit hard
still stand up

hands up man up
when it all falls down
even when the fat chic
gets that gown
there's a need for the champion
to hit his knees and go back in
missed attempts never mind
knock that adverse on his behind
get that fight tape press rewind
so you could know all his moves
the next time
regret nothing but a lack of sweat
give him a stunning that he can't forget
and if the enemy is in you
corner him and whip him too
if he swing back hit him anyway
the winners I know all won this way
gotta float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
show them Ali like Casius Clay

Did I believe enough
Bob and weave enough
Train enough
when the terrain was tough

Did I believe enough
Bob and weave enough
Train enough
when the terrain was tough

you a fighter man
get yo hands up
get hit hard
still stand up

everyday life is like a fight night
your blood and sweat under the bright lights
and all you trained for is out on the floor
did you train enough? should have sweat a little more
now the fire in the eye of your opponent glistening
load in your corner and you hard listening
no doubt bout for bout it all counts
they hit you with the numbers trying to knock you out
9 to 5 or 25 to life
one more chance before the 3rd strike
you might not get the odds you like
but the dice game came before the fight
so roll up you sleeves for all that you believe
and give it all you got before its time to leave
I said roll up you sleeves for all that you believe
and give it all you got before its time to leave
come on

Did I believe enough
Bob and weave enough
Train enough
when the terrain was tough

Did I believe enough
Bob and weave enough
Train enough
when the terrain was tough

you a fighter man
get yo hands up
get hit hard
still stand up

_____Get Up At Night______

(Jack's lines)
Get Up In the Night ….

I look for the sun to light my world,
For the first time…

(Marc Nammour's text)

Je te salue ma rue pleine de crasse
La nuit tombe et je succombe dans ta mélasse
Et tu te tords privée de langue sans rien pour crier ta détresse
Mais personne ne le remarque les yeux sont obstrués de graisse
Moi devant la laideur de tes tréfonds nauséabonds
Moi sous les clairons de tes funèbres oraisons
Et toi si faussement souriante, ce calme de façade
Pavé de renoncements et de sinistres masquarades
Je connais ton vrai visage une fois que la lumière bascule
Quand se bousculent et sortent de terre les fantômes du crépuscule
Et l'angoisse de ta pénombre quand viennent les prédateurs
Quand minuit l'égorgeur fait son taff avec ardeur
J'avance à tâtons sous la lune noire de tes déboires
Ma rue l'horreur j'attends l'aurore d'une nouvelle ère je voudrais voir
L'aube enfin se lever sur tes trottoirs sans sommeil
Et contempler au calme pour la première fois le soleil
Je te salue ma rue.

____Tread Well____

Endure, even to the cost.
Nothing deterred his mind except his understand of right and wrong,
so he became a scholar.

The irony of it, was that, it couldn't save him.
It deluded him.
The cause of death? resisting reality.

Trying the light the night, but failing.
Gnashing of teeth and wailing.
Trying to keep the circus down.
Keep saying it, til they hear what you're saying

You know he wasn't fantastic.
But he did fantastic things.

I'd like to see the big head dog back talk,
Could not look fast enough,
the black widow pounced
before I could bounce.

I'd like to see the big head dog back talk,
Could not look fast enough,
the black widow pounced
before I could bounce.


just at dawn
saw a silhouette
soaked wet
stretch out on the lawn
no movement
so I step close
just to check
for a breath or a pulse
as you might guess
or suspect
no sign of life
some signs are left
by the suspect
and now I'm nervous
and trickling sweat
cause the sun will shine
and light reflect
on me as the number one suspect
now I regret
ever touching her neck
but she might be live
and I had to check
now its heavy on my mind
it wasnt the first time
wheel up come back rewind
spin clock to a early time
we move hips to the bass line
and I touched her neck
for the first time

it was round midnite
3rd July
she say independence
was making her high
I'm no patriot so I didnt know why
but she was so moved w/ tears in her eyes
time to make a move, I realize
so I grabbed her hips close to mine
& said come girl ease your mind
every trouble in your world
rite now is mine
she like "lets dance" talk another time
of course baby fine! nothing to it!
let yo body go, let the beat do it
and the beat did it
and we did it
we learn names while we was intimate
the beat did it
we did it, said whats your name while I was deep in it

July 4th
mid day of course
we just wake
feeling kinda sore
her back is turned
say do you want  more
but before I can speak
I  see a little scar
the back of her neck
wasn't that far
so I stroked it
"what you touching me for"
she objected
I'm like after last night,
is yo mind right ?
matter fact its not
we can talk right ?
yeah I think we should
she say good ..
not all ill shit come for the hood
I'm from a place thats far from here
another young girl leaves every year
she cried another tear
as she spoke to me
about the old and brand new slavery
rich men aint raping me
i'm theirs, they paid for me
so I escape to da land of the free
but there's a microchip in the scar you see
soon they collect their property
even in the US they'll come for me
I can feel their poisons laming me
got a buzz but its slowly taming me

I'm like wait, stop
I know a good doc
I'll call him up
he'll help us out
she gave consent
wit her face of doubt
in the car, she sleeps, I drive
wakes up just as we arrive
4 hours pass so its almost 5
nice home in the country side
doc is home w/ guest inside
at the door I'm  anxious pacing
hoping doc can help my patient
i'm sure I explain situation
and he'll work with no hesitating
Hi Maddox, what's up doc
shook his hand and proceed to talk
ran it down word for word
he smiled, eased my nerves
come in Nap bring the girl
so I went to the car retrieved the girl
and we stepped in to another world
from the fringe to midst of another world

they had cocktails and great food
we all drank good and ate good
laugh loud and felt good
miles away from the stress
of the hood
on a couch with a fire place
I glanced at my guest
what a look on her face !!
how could I forget
why we came to this place?
I raise up to find doc
i see its midnight as I pass a clock
lot  a shadows in the kitchen
I can hear them talk
about "implants and time frames"
"how many heart beats might remain"
then I felt a sharp blow, deep pain
penetrating my skull, reaching my brain
and I fell hard like think rain
conscienceness I would not regain
I would not regain

I would not regain

at dawn, I saw a silhouette
soaked wet,
stretched out on the lawn no movement


____Meant Somethin'____

Remember when it meant something
When it did something
Hit you in your soul and get you jumping
them days aint gone its up to you
this vibe gon tell you what to do
(2 X)

a yo.. Lost souls trying to find the track
To the days of old and walk it back
Look round and the whole world trying to ask
Can we slow it all down, spin round to fast
And you know how is it when the dizziness
Got you trying to find which why right is
And the night is, like a month long
You hit the light switch and the flash is gone
With no light the sight is gone
You find even the most right might be wrong
But to get right, just let the good light
Shine bright inside and get you home
This is for a the folk
With no map and the GPS is broke


its never over til the baritone hum a bar,
iʼm lookin at the world and how easy it can come apart,
and how the parts might never ever fit again,
and what was hittin once might never hit again,
and everybody wanna go back, tho back,
to the days when the game wasn't so wack,
oh thats when i used to have racks over racks,
and a rap cat used to have to spit true facts,
nah i aint sayin that its over tho,
but the levy might break and the dam might overflow,
if you dont overknow or understand what it is,
how we looked at the world but we were just kids,
tryin to figure out the lay of the land,
tryin bring back the feelin of us playin in that sand,
box, box tops,
rock box hip hop,
when everything we did,
made us everything we are,


among the pot holes and the broken bottles
its like tweet-ville everyboby wanna follow
trying the fill the space cause they feel so hollow
like a wino staring at an empty bottle
forgot the 12 steps that he meant to follow
and he can not save his own ass
drowning in a shot glass
even though its shallow
and his whole world caving in
he just might give up cause his light is dim
but its never too late to be born again
cause when the morning comes round the night can't win
This for all the folk
who just cry cause they feel their life's a joke
and this is for the folk
With no map and their GPS is broke


____Hurts Me_____

chorus / hook:

it hurt me,  for me to see you
cause I didn't want it,  to really be true
i was lying not to see you
and you was hiding not to be true

why you have to go and be the creature I was seeking to slay
you spent a long time speaking what you seeking to say

(Verse 1)

I really always thought somehow we get thru it
Rollin thru the night real tight like a unit
The longer we last make em ask how we do it
Can't believe I'm seeing you true and that blew it
Now I don't see no need to keep holding
What's burning me up as the truth is unfolding
Bandage for the cuts, jacket for the cold and
A picture of the good old days when I'm old man
Other than that any thing more than that
Is like a monkey digging in to a junky's back
And girl I gotta shake it cause I can't take it
Would have given anything in the world for us to make it
It just cold how, its been over for a while
It just took so hot-dam long for me to face it


(Verse 2)

I used to say trust don't work in a world of this famous
But my paranoia stood not chance with my passion
You took an extra slice of the pie without asking
Now its darker then the night in the jungle past 10
Survival instincts make good customs
Like hearing the truth in a liars discussion
Watch your friends close when the ground is rumbling
It was written in stone, but the rock is crumbling
How can everything we agreed on be gone
Cause the agreement wasn't worth the cement a bum sleeps on
Now everything we speak on seems suspect
See the human in the human myself suggest
Unless you wanna go round and round again
Trying to figure out how you get let down by friends
Otherwise they just gonna do it again




My name is Karma
I'll bring you drama
Ask your daddy or your mama
I'll leave you leaking on the evening news
Cause I'm huge

(verse 1)
It's mass tripping on the ave this evening
The pimps and the tricks is out deceiving
The ill fuckery is beyond believing
But that's not the half of the trash not even
Monster on the corner named KARMA collecting debts
You might think he sleeping, he's just focused, he don't forget
Stick you deep just when the table is set
He like Hannibal Lec, Put you in check
Cause your fork in hand mouth is full and you aint said your grace yet
The feast is your own suffering and you shoving it in man
Cause you don't know, KARMA is the chief you the guest and you eating crow
Served in a broth of your own blood
Mixed with the dirt you did when you were up to no good
(yeh you remember, when you were up to no good)


(verse 2)
you figure no one sees
your acts of greed
you parasite a bad disease
but I'm the cure for sure
I'm what you need
This aint no time to beg fool get off your knees
You made strange fruit hang off the down south trees
And Auschwitz cook at the top degrees
Now you scream and you beg for mercy
But I got none, so you just curse me
You took food from the famished and drink from the thirsty
So I cancelled you spot in the infirmary
Bought you burial plot and I booked the Clergy
My friends Honor and Justice say that you not worthy
They its some good folks I could be serving
But I feel really I should serve thee firstly
And I got time man it aint not hurry
don't worry ….


It mass tripping on the ave this morning
The pimps and the tricks is out there scoring
The good life just seems so boring
I'm bout to bring that thrill back for 'em
Stolen seeds from a soaked up mattress
the only thing real was the feel of his cactus
said fuck the Islam that he claim to practice
so he could fuck the chic whose ass is the fattest
but what sad is Shaitan satisfied
cause she was old on the outside
young on the inside
bought a death pack
with the cash she made on her back and died
now a man of faith sometimes
will be charged with lust later on
but now it just rape & homicide


its nasty but we seem to like it
when its gone away back we invite it
cause we feel so alive and excited
you do it all again if we can survive it

(verse 1)
good night sleep tight
don't let your friends bite
cause they grin
every time seems you might win
and the beg bugs aint got shit on them
nor the snake you might sight when the grass is thin
can't understand why it aint them
but won't do the work that it takes to win
so they creep on ya sneak on you
wait for the sleep gonna
take what you made
make your mama a mourner
so I stay from off the corner
and away from the slaughter
where the crocodile lay
I stay up outta the water
them Piranha them sharping them teeth for ya
enjoying them dream o them eating you
vampire sharing a seat with you
on a caravan smiling a greeting you
all the time planning on leaking you
so I eat a lot a garlic and speak the truth
and understand them friends that I seem to choose
ya gotta understand the friends that you seem to choose


you mean to tell me that's all you earned
its money out here on the street, like its grass to burn
get back out there and soon return
with a stack o that cash cause its ya turn
you know we been watchin'
who and who not been clockin'
yep thats it so you got no option
give every drop you got until you droppin'
dr dr dr drop dr dr dr droppin'
and we keep coming back for that
like hungry rats
that don't see traps or hungry cats
whats done is done and that is that
we become monuments of our habitat
cause something said we just gotta go back
but it aint gotta go like that
we could find a new route and blaze the track ....




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