a birthday playlist for BIKO ... December 18, 1946

"these questions" by brian greer

whose hands were the hands that smashed against his face?
whose hands administered that pain that hurt, whose hand?
whose mouth shouted the words"keefer die!" whose mouth?
whose mouth quietly ask the questions to which there were no answers? what did they say?
what did those mouthes say in front of a man that they had turned to a shell,
what did they speak of these children of hate?
what were there thoughts when they realized that the fragility of life in this man had been broken? when they found him to be unresponsive to their cruelty
which of them held the club that would strike him for the last time?
was there a smile, a smirk, a laugh or was there the indifference of a soul
devoid of empathy?
a soldier whom had been commanded by the devils pen
to do a thing this unspeakable thing,
who then were these men whom had done these things to this man StevenBantu Biko?
who were these widow makers?
these officers of aparthieds order, who?
because i know him
i know steven because steven is me,
he was me
but who are they?
they who hated me so much that they would murder him,
so that i would not know the fire of his spirit or the truth in his words,
the idea that he lived.
truth and reconciliation does not say what i feel
i feel that because of the truth
there can be no reconciliation!
but i know that hate begets hate
revenge begets revenge so for me to reconcile this,
i only ask of you...
and finally WHY?
by brian greer 2013


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