new heat and words from the brother BOOGIE BANG of Red Eye Blue (ISWHAT?! fam)

.... recently the comrade Boogie Bang released a new cut on bandcamp.. its a hot one .. so I asked him if he would just sent me a few words about his new work and how it came about ... so, here you have a little insight into the word of a master !! ENJOY !! Nap

BERLIN by BoogietheBang


The track itself came about cause i was rocking a joint with one of the overseas

homes chill ill, he had sent me a number of beats to listen to and also to rock to, this

joint franks the kid sent me was sick i tell you sick, so i went in wrote the song

recorded it and sent it back to the homie, he was like "i like it but that beat is for my

album" so after trying to get him to change his mind which he didn't, i decided a

few days later to dust of the old mpc and i went about crafting the joint BERLIN.


I was snatching drums out of my vast archive of drum sounds dropping em in the

mp for that mpc effect, after that i found the samples on youtube as random movie

grabs after putting it together and i had a nice groove going i had to fit the spirit of

the joint to the track, no sweat after the vox were done and the beat was laid i sat

with it for a few weeks building and adding and taking away a little at a time till i got

it where i needed to be then i started the sequencing, thats where i rock all the

drum breaks glitches and other assorted witchcraft to make the joint stand out.

The main break i wanted to be real tribal and listener accessible as far as being

able to hear this track and not only headed but also get the hands moving and

clapping thats when you've really connected with a joint when the body begins to

participate in ways that the ear can't interpret.

Once all the breaks were straight and every thing was in place i sent it to my lil

brother and other half of REDEYEBLUE the DJ known as EKWALITY he added the

flavor with the scratches which i didn't feel comfortable not having on a track this

centered on the hip hop aesthetic and being a testament to the growing movement

of cross continental collaboration, after all was said and done i sent the joint off to

redsecta out in cali to master the joint, the rest well the rest is in ya earhole

homie, thanks



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