funny thing about Faith

I was listening to the Soundcloud account of a dear friend ..
we havent seen each other face to face for a while .. but we have had a lot of interesting conversations over the years ..

I can't wait until we get a chance to talk about this post she made on Soundcloud ...

She is an artist and philosopher,
Her post states undeniable facts about Faith..
Take a listen ...

What I will add is the Faith is a reality in life of humans. period. so the question is how does your Faith serve you? Do you allow your Faith to remain a theory untested? or can your Faith stand the challenge of being tried outside of the institutions that endorse your beliefs.

Some people believe that Faith is pointless... maybe in their case it is .. because that is what they believe... so their is no point for them to believe, yet they have Faith in their theory.

Anyway ... bravo for the post Fabienne .. it's very thought provoking ...


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