Brian Greer's Brief Account of Post Racial Activism

THE HISTORY: in case you've missed it in the last few weeks, its ok to kill black men with out provocation without cause without remorse and without consequence, if you had not noticed or somehow decided to stay above the fray as many black folks have said they have well you need not look far into the near past to see other examples and if that were not good enough and you have a seeking mind, then look to the first ship of commercially traded africans to land upon these deviled shores and read forward these 400 years of history we have share with our reluctantly european country mates THE MESSAGE: there is a message being sent that black people no more get today than they did in days past, you are tolerated you are not loved they deal with you as much as is needed to achieve a means to an end any thing beyond that end you are expendable so now imagine what your worth is to the system when you have been systematically locked out of most all of the things that people need to learn in order to succeed here. your value here is a zero sum and because you live and laugh and carry on in this stagnated state of dead they never change how you are valued because you never change your value to yourselves. the message that we should be receiving is that black men will continue to die you should get used to it and at the end of the day your neighbors white and black will watch it happen and will not speak of it and those who speak on your behalf will be ostracized by those who believe as they do that a black life innocent of guilty is still not as valuable as the word of a white officer.

THE SIGNS OF DISCOURSE: support our officers,support our troops a common them among the conservative crowd and maybe not just them but many others who may have family that serve as officers or in the military, its fine to feel that way about your loved one but if your loved one commits acts of violence and brutalizes the people they are sworn to protect then you owe it to the officers and soldiers of those institutions to demand they be brought to justice to answer for their crimes, they say a police officer has one of the most stressful jobs in the world, well think about the black mother who has to decide whether its ok to let there children go out to play or go to school or walk to the store or even sit on their own stoop because she doesn't know whether he'll be singled out and murdered. i don't doubt its a tuff job and i don't assume that all cops are racist or psychologically mal adjusted bullys with inferiority issues but i also don't dare assume that there aren't a few and over all that this mindset has become a subculture in american policing.

WHAT I KNOW: what i know is that hoping that this thing will change because you boycott black friday or you put your hands up in your Facebook pic, this thing won't change because good white folk come out and walk and protest and shut down the highway the reason it won't stop is because it never has, people have done this type of social disobedience since the 60s and blacks still die at the hands of police white still die at the hands of police brown people still die, most of all it won't change because people really don't want it to, don't get me wrong they want the change but like most things with people if they have to put in any real work any real time they opt out, if it interferes with there lives as they live they don't want the bother that comes with it, the revolution won't be televised cause it was cancelled and replaced by love and hip hop, this thing will get worse way worse and i don't hold out any hope for our people in the equation because unlike previous generations we have too much to lose,king and X only had their lives to give, but we don't have the time, we can't be bothered with the freedom of others even if its our own, we don't want to lose our homes cars televisions iPads computers and ratchet culture. real change takes time not weekends not days not months we have to put in work for years to change the ways that these racist institutions operate.

THE SOLUTION: take off your house shoes put on your boots and get ready to lose some of what they gave you, to get all of what you deserve.


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