been gone so long I know you come back
in my dreams, thru beams out wall cracks
and when I feel slack, like I'm just stuck
and my legs don't work, I can stand up
with my mind on the fact
you never gave up
and would blast any fool just to raise us
so when they praise us
for a tight style
I don't blush, but I might smile
and a tear might fall cause after all
its got everything to do with your lifestyle
and with that understood
your heart beats when we do good
so I'm a live you up with much success
you did enough, time to rest


Anne said…
Soul-stirring Napoleon. Thnaks to share with us your filial love
Eileen said…
That's deep...really miss him. Even when he was sitting down, his mind was always on something he should/could be doing, other than 'just sittin around'.

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