the ransom was too high to justify

so they said ... just let the poor boy die

fighting for the things they we all admire

but never really knew how it transpire

duck low from the gun fire

but who he working for the seller the or the buyer

against the terrorist or the terror maker

building bombs dealing earthquakers

you want beef boy

question yo chief boy

yo adrenaline make a real good decoy

too young to want peace or the truth of

they wanting you to kill and you just love it

til it gets too critical way pass fixable

whats first your mind or limbs to blow

there another one go, a boy in the park

playing shoot'em up killin kids in the dark

cause its macho to be

what we see on TV

merking enemies to keep us free


fa real

who got the courage to be

you run out

with your gun out

smokes in the air

jokes on you

from the comical billionaires

that feast on fears

like a million bears

that haven't eaten in a million years

so you do what they saying

cause its your duty

ignore the voice in your soul

cause its screaming truly

the secret to this is not to think

propaganda plan for you not to think

its the the oil that you burn

& the juice you drink

blowing bodies up till they rot & stink

you got a link (click) its so disturbing

Its really greedy companies you serving

pull back the curtain show the puppet master

so we can know the true disaster


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