something there

SON: Daddy somethings out there...

FATHER: I know son but don't worry

Just finish your work so we can leave in a hurry

SON: I kinda wanna see it seems so exciting

FATHER: ah you'll see the difference between fun & frightening

matter fact son tell me what would you do if the thrill that awaits you

showed up for the fun and then it just ate you

SON: it couldn't it wouldn't, quickly I'd stop it

take all my muscles & karate chop it

kick it & slam it ...

FATHER: all that single handed ?

SON: well, you gonna help right ?

FATHER: don't take it for granted

son learn how to move when dangers approaching

I fight for you now but later I'm coaching

eventually when you get the hang of things

the fight is all yours I'm leave the ring

leaving the bush, leaving the trap

SON: ahhh for real .. well where you gone be at

FATHER: come on son what you be on ?

I'm going to the beyond

you think I like getting slept on

spit on and peed on

I'm keeping good Karma

so I can see the Nirvana

protecting my soul with the armor of honor

its danger enough doing good out here

you'll have friends that make you wonder if you should fight fair

SON: daddy I'm scared, I hear it moving again

FATHER: I know let's go, I think its one of my friends


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