'bump in the dark' ... teaser

as I tried to survive I ran from the earth considering of all of the predators, mankind is the worst .... If the foul could spit The wildest shit And some how forget Their torch is lit That must mean the righteous Must get More morbid To comprehend the flow Earn dough  and just keep try to up wit it So we craft the sound track Like a silent pic Cuz people see it going down but won't say shit soon chicks come to roost and they pitching a fit

Clowns in the shadow And this ain't no comic got weak morale And appetites bionic like the world so ironic you gotta puff the chronic just to avoid a screen play of a dream psychotic i spy sick all type tricks with my night glasses and life long classes a taking names an kickin vampire asses but what you got ask is as each one passes how you know when the last day is how late can you be ' fore u absent


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