words and art on HAPPINESS by Brian Greer.

At some point you realize, that no matter how well you know someone, no matter how long you may have been together, they know themselves better than you do. and if they don't know what it takes to make themselves happy, then how on earth can you hope to know, happiness comes from the soul and radiates outward. no one can put that in you, if it's in you it will meet with positive energies that come to you and add to your sense of happiness, but a miserable soul can find no happiness in even the most beautiful experiences, because it's not in them, the mind and the heart together constitute the soul and when they are in sync, happiness is alive. never hand your personal happiness over to someone else to make, and never allow someone to make you believe that you are responsible for making them happy, the fisherman can cast a thousand lines into an empty lake but if there are no fish, there is no harvest.


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