The Kool-Aid series : side show one

there's a humor here
to enjoy with your freedom
with your apple pie
it's delirious
to be drank, to be eaten
like that time Don Knotts 
had your stomach in knots
doubled over
there is humor in here
it's for you
it's for you
you will like it
you love it
the humor in here is the relief you've been seeking
from the fussing complaining
and ungrateful speaking
it's so hard to hear 
as they drag through to mud
understandably so
all that's sacred and good
so we've added some humor
there was humor in there
but now there's an increase
so the taste is more fair
the jester in the suit 
seal with the ball
parade full of laughs 
man on stilts strangely tall
clowns in a car, 
clowns in a car
full tattoo eternal 
black as the tar
and one on Tarmac rolling around
soon to take flight with the landing of rounds
more humor is coming
amusing your jollies 
and moderator narrating 
to highlight the folly 
we've got the punchline and the quick switch
the smooth blend
the brow twitch 
and you'll giggle I promise 
you'll love it 
you'll chuckle 
but we won't push the humor
that relies on the tragic
it's with you, you've got it
inside you, it's magic
no laugh track required
Wm H. West has been hired
on the edge of your seat
the popcorn is buttered
cotton candy is twirling
there's hot dogs and peanuts
you'll love the new season
it's so full of action
we'll string up buffoons 
to ensure satisfaction
you'll love it
there's humor
you're already laughing
cause they don't know 
it's not home 
just cause they've been unpacking


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