repairing new homes, recognizing old cars

new homes


The recent Response Event presented by the CAC and Chase Public
responding to the Passages exhibit by Do Ho Suh,
presented me the opportunity to reflect on and reconnect with
formative years of construction and building with my father…

Far surpassing the abilities of a handyman, my father was a problem solver.
Born to another family, or in another time, he would have been an engineer, astrophysicist or who knows what.

So he engineered a home, an upbringing, full of amazing discoveries for our family and any extended family that would visit, or had need …

old cars


to some people they say things
to others they are mute

without meaning
or full of passengers willing

from a place
to a place

with a destination
and purpose clear

rehearsed and open
scribed and re-written

a journey of bolts and nuts
molecules meet modules

manuals provide care guide options:
literralis, oralis, or delegatus

some have been confused of it statements
does it say we are no longer pedestrian?

voyagers familial have practiced instead
do great distance, small step, ensemble

our old cars
were ours


Eileen Owens said…
Your literary work is phenomenal. Love the 'old car' theme. Of course it has a special meaning to me as it relates to our childhood; however the deeper meaning is still relatable today. I can't wait to read more.of your work. Continue walking your talk.


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