Dana & the McKoy sisters

My name could be Rufus

Exist in two times Millie-Christine.
Come back for us, like Dana. 
We are on the precipice.
Dearest Ms. McKoys we know they angered you. 
It was pushed aside in writings.
Come here and speak truth on both sides of the issue.
Do it in your time.
Do it for our time.
You can not be ostracized.
They are too in awe.
Back to back, never against a wall.
Time cannot shear off your limb.
When time changes, again, we will double down.
A civil war is in progress.
Investment doubled in value.
We need it too.
The days are full of Weylin.
Our way is swift to auctions of separation.
Our name could be Rufus.
Come back to us.
Come forth to us.
Tell us things we are too young to know.
Some of us are old in this age.
Those need you most.
Unready to see inconvenient designs.
But you keep coming back.
Out of nowhere it seems.
Directly connected spine to spine.
Survival relies on it.
Just like Dana:
Right, moments, action, away times, save.
Great descendants. the lineage long  breath. the lineage long breathe.
It's air returned from your lungs.
Into night air from cool wood creaks. 
Exhale our exhausted lungs.
The smog filled air is Blessed.
Our cells know something new.
It's possible to live more in a time.
The settling over the decades is evident.
How did we do so little with so much.
To whom much is given.
Much is required.
Were we given much?
I suspect Millie we were robbed.
Christine, they snatched it in every convenience.

Our name 
it could be
Ellie Garcia
On trial to put us on the line
They want us to speak behind 
Our own back
We can't fight normal
We’ve not come all this way to be docile
And the astute 
Know us only 
Without the shame 
The king 
Did not fall 
Because of us.
The term was not negro 
Because of us
We did not construct
The foundation of Uncle Toms cabin
Yet it stands
Our name:
Garcia, Ellie
Bearing witness 
Taking the stand
Preferring we sit 
They expect predictable lies
To escape on the easy
To throw under the carriage 
Our light
The darkness interrogates us 
Passing through waters 
on a ship again 
slaves with cattle below 
could we fall on a knife 
our nephew is asked 
‘could they not lay under knife’
be normal, be free 
but we have seen 
our hue
shackled together in irons 
we will make the best of this trial 
in fact stand your 4 legs by us 
strengthen our resolve 
it is not our look, bad 
but their view, poor
freedom looks ill 
to the afflicted addicted to captivity
knowledge of self, an abyss 
to the pimps of the loss

My name was surely Rachel
Rufus and I
Plant ourselves in the black
In the flesh
In the psyche
In the toil
In the Blues
But never be Black
Could down and over to us
Save me from my meme-ery
You're confidence I should borrow
Should I know your technique well
I'll stand still as who I am
Calling you 
To push me 
Not to pretend I am the beneficial other
You could not
And would not separate if you could
Some saw my stunt as comedy
It's sad though 
I'm dying up here
They're throwing things
A brick may be fatal
Come back to me


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