about February 2017

This live video document is a small example of incredible things that happened in February 2017. It was the maiden voyage for Sorg into the US, made possible by producers & co-prod. of the multi-media performance, Twice the First Time and the Contemporary Art Center.
Sorg composed half of the music in the show and joined forces with ISWHAT?! and the MyCincinnati Ambassador Ensemble as artists in residence to prepare this historic work.

Prior to presenting 4 incredible shows at the Contemporary Art Center in 3 days (SOLD-OUT)...
The following transpired:
Feb 8 Sorg & Napoleon Maddox concert + discussion RE: global citizenship at Cincinnati State College
Feb 9 Sorg lecture and demonstration at IUPUI
Feb 12 Sorg & Napoleon Maddox LIVE at Broom Wagon, Lexington, KY
Feb 13 Napoleon presented part 1 of 3 workshops @ Cincinnati College Prep Academy (CCPA)
Feb 14 TFT artists-in-residence at Elementz Hip-hop Youth Center
Feb 15 TFT artists-in-residence at Elementz Hip-hop Youth Center
Feb 16 Sorg & Napoleon Maddox LIVE at Real Art Ways, Hardford, CT
Feb 17 Sorg & Napoleon Maddox LIVE at MOTR, Cincinnati, OH as seen above. More here. BIG UP Ahshea1media


Feb 18 Sorg & Napoleon Maddox LIVE at ILLIO, Columbus, OH
Feb 20 TFT artists-in-residence at CAC

Feb 21
7:35 - 8:30 AM *Academy of World Languages (MMM - Mindful Music Moment sharing)
9:00 - 9:30 AM *Hyde Park Elementary (MMM sharing)
10:15 - 11 AM *Roll Hill School (MMM sharing)
1 - 6 PM TFT *artists-in-residence at CAC
6:30 PM *Underground Railroad Freedom Center discussion

Feb 22
10 AM *Twice the First Time morning preview performance for CCPA
1:30 PM *Sorg & Napoleon Maddox concert at Ethel Taylor Elementary School
7:30 PM *World Premiere of Twice the First Time at CAC

Feb 23 Twice the First Time 2nd night
Feb 24 Twice the First Time 3rd night
Feb 25 Sorg & Napoleon Maddox fly to Paris
Feb 26 train from Paris to Marseille for a concert series in Marseille

Feb 27 train from Marseille to Besançon to began workshops at Le CAEM
Feb 28 workshops at Le CAEM for 1 week...

FEBRUARY was something, but MARCH was something else


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