new song - "A Called Biko"

Writing the lyrics for this piece I thought about the posture of loyalty. The presentation of it. It has become the performance art of the streets. You are identified as “real” if you talk about certain things, with a certain level of perceived authenticity.

But why the act?
This performance does not mean at all, that the performer cares anything about the audience. There are too many examples to list. Too many names to name.

The first verse highlights exactly how commonplace betrayal is in the lines,

“The most amazing disgrace
Is every rat at one time
Was a gangster in his prime
With only honor on his mind
Had to leave it all behind
cause it wasn’t serving him ....”

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Everyone claims honor and loyalty, which is easy to claim as long as it’s not put to the test. Will you stay loyal and faithful to your principles even when your life is on the line?

It’s rare to see that kind of courage, conviction and dedication to a higher cause. This is where names are few enough to mention, and the reason we celebrate Steve Biko.
The spirit of 2nd verse.

“... On a dark and deadly night
in Pretoria
We looking straight into the light
with no euphoria.

And let the Spirit send the word
Straight back to JoBurg
So sincere about the beauty that’s known
But hardly heard ”

He knew his life was in danger. He knew that he was threat enough to the apartheid South African government that if they couldn’t control what he said and who he’d talk, to they would take his life and then claim he that he killed himself.

He also knew that if he abided by their restrictions, censoring where he could go and who he could talk to, that would mean absolute surrender to the system he and his comrades were fighting against.

So took the trip, headed to Cape Town. The police took his life. But here we are today still talking about Steve Biko not because he claimed to be the realest, the most loyal, with so much “omertà” blah blah etc.

He simply told his truth.
He saw that Black people were beautiful and he wasn’t going to stop saying it just because it became inconvenient or dangerous.


babylon4 said…

Merci pour les informations que vous avez partagées. Je télécharge et j'écoute actuellement de la musique sur msonneries, et j'en suis très satisfait.

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