these rappers should be writing a more positive text

I'm dancing in the club with a guilt complex

seeking a thrill and getting the thrill I'm seeking

an adrenaline rush to grind hips with the heathens

but if you bring it up in conversation

and address me direct

for that very consideration you're foul and suspect

and I return to my safety where nirvana is real

where your pain unfounded makes the beats sound ill

still craving, disguised by good behaving

something making me lust the booty shaking

but not just sexual

also, the violent intellectual

its something mystical

nearly metaphysical

I feel attached now super hyper critical

cause the origin of your filthy pen I'll never know

I need a new face, a little closer to me

so I can feel a little better to be completely naughty

maybe a copy that soaked the influence

will come from the dirt and bring the dust to us

and we can dance for him and not feel bad

he'll be the best advert black music ever had

... Elvis


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