The melody life is distracting me

plays so well the song of catastrophe

like a snake charmer with his fife runnin after me

who singing what why and whats the motif

is it all about drama do they really got beef

an if they do and I'm feedin on it what that make me

but a vulture for the carnage feast

No songs ever sounded so good

as the shit thas trobbin from the soul of the hood

passage of time pain fresh in tune

bring it all back to ya face

with every grace note of the tune

& you know that it hurt

but whats that cut in your gut

that make you grab your side and say

what the fuck

this song is just like the day of

the moment after

or the second I accepted

the realism of the whole disaster

an the faster I put it on

and pump the shit

my soul can scream

and I can dump the shit

I'm missing you right now

but you still here

and there's no way how

for me not to care

you did all real things

like live and fade

and stand like a man

by the bed you laid

we had big laughs, big tears

big dreams and just as big fears

an I face min in this rhyme

I know I'll listen to it

& fight back the tears



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