Judge Mathis Weighs in on the execution of Troy Davis

Much respect to Judge Mathis for making a clear unwavering stand on this case,
as well as a thoughtful critique of the United States judicial system ...

His willingness to criticize the same system that gives him his legal validation
is the opposite of the lack of character that allowed Troy Davis to be murdered
by the state of Georgia.

BOYCOTT GEORGIA NOW and until the state gets the point !!!
Perhaps you can not boycott every service of product that originates in Georgia,
but if you pick one or two companies that call Georgia home. IT WILL MATTER.

Some people don't understand why the state and its businesses should be boycotted.
The state killed Troy Davis. The case was literally The State of Georgia -VS- Troy Anthony Davis.
They would not listen to the cries of the people around the world asking not to kill this man.
Therefore the next legal course of action that the people can make is to effect the tax dollars that
the state of Georgia receives from its businesses by reducing the flow of revenue to Georgia based businesses.


Eileen Owens said…
Much respect to Judge Mathis, Napoleon and all those who are willing to take a stand and speak for the injustice that given to Troy Davis. Much like the civil rights movement of the 60s, we can no longer put our head in the sand. We have to continue to speak out for the Troy Davis' that can not be heard.

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