undisturbed ?


Bishop Desmond Tutu said STOP

President Jimmy Carter said STOP

but Georgia said GO,... GO ... GO

and its nothing new

so,... should I be so disturbed ?

the preachers came to speak

the mothers came to weep, begging,

but Georgia said ... YEAH !?? .. AND?.. SO ?

I know its really nothing new

so why should I be so disturbed ?

there is so much more to see

on twitter, youtube and TV

easy in America to tune out and let go

plus the President is Black

so why should I be so disturbed ?

justice in America is not a matter of race they say

guilty Blacks get off too, just look at OJ

that erases all Black lynchings,

that's clear and I should know

so why am I still so disturbed ?

is everyone so perturbed,

out-done, distraught, disgusted unnerved ?

for sure I'm not the only one

but I wonder what are the feelings of some

like guys on the evening of doom making chase with a gun

rolling down Interstate 75

busting mass shots as they drive

were they riding for change

were they riding for years of pain

or just stupid muahfuckas blasting

cause it makes boys feel like men to express thug passion

maybe its unrelated

just a wasted life


yeah of course,

it doesn't correlate

its random...

but why do I feel even more disturbed as if ...

as if

-the subjects go in the direction of the greatest investment

(what is the cost of ignorance? & why does this country invest in it so heavily?)

-the lie has settled, been relearned and become the truth

-we are animals,

"never mind asshole.. shut-up!! YOU ARE AN ANIMAL you got the point,...

its been told to you since we brought your coon ass over here..

if you didn't do it ... you could have, would have,... now die

We are entertained by the beastly antics

of your homeboys that believed the lie,

The Programming gives them purpose so

so they are dying to identify"

its hard not to feel disturbed as if

as if

-there is no Samuel David Crowe

as if

-he was not "going thru cocaine withdrawals at the time of the murder"

as if

-he did not admit his guilt in the crime

as if

-he were not a White man, whose life was spared 3 years ago in the state of Georgia ...

It is NOT as if

Samuel David Crowe's day of grace,

away from the Mercy Seat,

had any effect on the innocence of Troy Davis ...

But it is

as if

- "look you coon, you nigger, you Black son-of-a-bitch .. we don't care.."

as if

- "they can send the Pope, President Jimmy Carter, and that famous coon Bishop Tutu... and anybody else ... we don't care"

as if

- "we really have a point to make ,..

7 people admitted their testimony was not truth in the conviction of Troy Davis

& Samuel David Crowe admitted his guilt and we spared his life

but you gonna die tonight nigger"


I did not shoot anyone

I did not rob anyone

was I on trial ?

was I on death row ?

why should I be so disturbed ?

when I stopped being disturbed by the killing of the innocent,

will I eventually be at ease with the killing of the innocent ?

will I be undisturbed enough to unload a weapon in highway traffic

driving down Interstate 75 ?

are you not disturbed ?


boogie banger said…
dope poem bro, im just gettin hip to the issue, you have enlightened me on it.

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