first night in Catanzaro, Italy

ISWHAT?! will play in Catanzaro tonight !!

I have never been to this part of Italy before...
there is a lot of soul down here...
I ate good .. that is a common happening in any part of Italy I think..
but last night I eat 3 .. THREE .. of 1 dish .. it was supposed to be an appetizer ..

BUT it was so good I should have taken a picture of it..
it was a kind of eggplant lasagna ... BEST I EVER HAD !!

then I heard Uri Caine's piano trio .. VERY NICE .. knew his work but never saw him play live before ...

then we (Melvin Gibbs & our hosts) went somewhere else to eat .. in the middle of town..
(the first stop had been kinda outside the city.. on a hillside, in a beautiful, seemly private club)

the pictures below are from the street of the 2nd place we when to eat..


Vi TK said…
yeaaaah ! you should have taken a picture ;-)

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