Recent lessons & reminders

I've been having some VALUABLE conversations with a few different well respected artists, agents, promoters, administrators ..
they don't know each other but have shared great stories that reinforce principles I believe in strongly,..
such as:
*always honor the contributions and efforts of the people you are working with, don't take things for granted...
**think in advance about the cost and value of the work you give or receive, one of these promoters said "NO ONE WITH ANY SENSE OF DIGNITY WILL WORK FOR FREE,.. SO I NEVER BOOK SOMEONE WHO WILL WORK FOR FREE"
***although all work has value, the exchange of MONEY is not the only way to honor that value. Sometimes just throwing money at the labor w/o real regard for the effort is as much a disrespect as not paying at all...
****be clear about what you expect and what you will accept, for yourself and for those you work with...


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