25 to Life w/o chance of death

25 to Life Executed

Its American tradition so what the hell?


Even Martha Stewart been to jail

The new slave trade is so subliminal

From any other country Bush would be a war criminal

And I'm no type to make OJ jokes (ha)

But its further evidence that the system is broke

You gonna allow your progress to progressed by the state

You'll be regurgitating timed served but hardly rehabilitate

So I capture myself before the system executes that which captivates ..

The punitive measurements and vengeful intents deeply motivate

So if you get stuck with some character flaw or habitual mistake

You might never escape

Go into the room courtin' a possible snake with a briefcase

To him yours is a brief case

Better hope you're not a basket case

and try to stay out the mess in the very first place

Cause your basket case will unweave fast into an unbelievable waste

Lookin in the mirror, my captive I face

Say to him why do you deserve freedom in the first place

And I don't know so I'm bound without bars

Bound to limitation because I limit

Bound to memory cause I'm bound to forget

Bound to short clips cause I recall in snippets

And the edges of my memory die

But I bind myself .. The main reason why

is cause men who don't control themselves get controlled

If don't limit your cravings you killing your soul

But the death of it all is in question

How do we know which of the deceased is regretting

We live we toil

We struggle in the soil

Soil our clothes and dread the lives we live

with only this life to give

And when its gave will the recipients get any morsel of our livelihood

intended for benefit

Or was the Blessing really for us

To some how validate and add value to our mountain of decay and drifting


You know it may sound scary man

But life is a theory man

think prove really man

That you ain't dead

we got dead men walking

Fowl men talking

Smooth killers stalking

as we bow our heads

And the god some praise

condone death ways so their after life is rotten

But who am I to say

It may sound scary man

But life is a theory man


What's the diff between life and death

Where do we go and what's left

Do we know or just words to separate?

What if we named them wrong

And the Loved ones that's gone

Look at us and morn cause we stuck with hate ?

Why do the strongest ones living

Live life or death, free giving

Not afraid of the after now

All that I can pray is let me walk that way

Maybe I did once

but remind me how

We call it life after death

But there's only after life

We get upset and stressed just cause we don't like when its done

An after not knowin what comes,

sweat ourselves about the race we was supposed to run

So we run with death on the brain and when the moment comes

Did I become what I should a became?

Did I save enough souls that was out in the rain?

Did I gain all there was to gain?

The quest remains

It sounds so perplexing and eery my man

But its more like a working theory right man?

Cause if you living without the wealth of life in your head

Think now

prove ,

you ain't dead.


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