"catch" - another poem

I'm here just in case you stumble man

don't worry I got your hand

and no sweat if you trip

rest assure I keep my grip

more often than one might think

I think about you,.. my heart just sinks

after madness, after the fall

it seems 200% was still not my all

cause all should count

and increase the amount

but on the edge of the steep rock I had no doubt

my foot was planted in the place to clinch

the good chord if you loosing an inch

but after all, that chord was attached to me

I couldn't save you cause you vowed to save me

with me here and you there

thats easy to see

I'm here just in case they stumble man

for real don't worry I got their hands

I understand for sure what must be done

as sure as your my dad and I'm your son

more often than one could tell

I think of junior and my heart just swells

people who don't know never could tell

how he's going with wind in his sails

not even he, as I come to think

could imagine the heights he'd come to reached

but that wind that catches the sails

lifts high, with force propels

can snatch down and break the flight

for this cause I keep the seeds in sight

we didn't till the turf from country to town

to leave the ones we love stuck on stony ground

I'm reaching far as I can


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