if you could just please do this for me ....

Bless me in my waking hours.
Thank you:
-For my sleep...
-that I made it to my waking hour.

and now I break my fast, as the locust devour.
Let me judge not as the righteous get the sun rays AND the showers...

Keep my pen point sharp with precision,
So I can read my own verse & reverse a bad decision

When I spit let me get the condition,
With comprehension enough
That I'm bringing it up to summerize it
all in one comme ça the Master's Cup.

In other words, boost my decernment up.

Above this all give me a mind so tranquile,
That I can steady my shaken soul after the cold of the kill.

And it not be a vanity morte,
But a service to the sane of the profane sort.

And if it must be me, let me lay my life
Having prayed for the will to be the excellent type ...


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