The BLUE bridge JAZZ Drum Summit


I asked Susan Gray the creator of The BLUE bridge JAZZ series what goals she had in mind when she conceived and promoted the Drum Summit recently held at The Greenwich. This was her response:

My goals were to provide a platform to showcase 'the drum' as the driving force of rhythm, while exemplifying a variety of distinct drumming styles - all within a historical context. The context was an important piece.

In addition, the required genius of improvisation on the part of piano and bass in response to each drummer's call-for-tunes... In my mind the format of a basic rhythm section with several drummers switching in and out, would really put the accompanying musicians' ability to improvise and adjust up front. I had a sense that a kind of 'competitive camaraderie' would occur as the drummers (Melvin Broach, Art Gore & Anthony Lee) took turns


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